Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dog Days of Summer FREE SHIRT CONTEST!

Here is your chance to win some cool FREE swag from Rockabilly Tees! There are several ways to win! The more you do, the better chance that you will win!

First chance to win is to put Rockabilly Tees in your top friends list on MySpace! Once you do that send me a message to let me know. I will check your top friends on random days. If Rockabilly Tees is on there then you have entered!

Second Chance to win is to follow Rockabilly Tees on Twitter: Once you follow or if you are already a follower send a Direct Message on Twitter and in 140 characters or less tell me why you should win!

Third chance is for those with a website. Exchange links with Rockabilly Tees and you get a chance to win! Really simple and the info can be found at

The forth way to win is to comment on Rockabilly Tees Blog at Just make a comment on the blog and you are entered!

the fifth way to win is VERY simple, just add me, the owner of Rockabilly Tees to your MySpace.

The final way to win is to buy an item from Any item will enter you into the contest, even the bumper stickers!

At the end of September I will choose two lucky ladies and two lucky gentlemen to win a Rockabilly Tees T-Shirt or Tank Top, a couple of grease rags and a $50 gift certificate to my screen printing side of my catalog. Be sure to pass on the word about the contest!


RubyJubilee said...

Wow! What a great little set of competitions!
Added on myspace, and messaged on twitter! (and Retweeted so that my chums can have a go!)

~C~ said...

Commenting! :)

~C~ said...

Seriously though your tees are awesome! xo

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